Why Happiness is a Choice in your Life?

It is hard to find someone else who is not searching for happiness in life. Everyone is searching for happiness in life. Yet, sometimes, happiness is out of reach. It is no surprise at all that you can find many people around you, they are running behind happiness for their whole life. Yet, such happiness either not in touch or again runway even after having such happiness. It is like running behind the mirage. Sometimes is there & sometimes is not there. Does happiness really exists? If happiness is real, why can’t be able to keep in tie? Why happiness is sometimes there & sometimes move away or fade away? Why Happiness is a choice in your Life? All these questions are very associated with each other. You can find answers here in the Article why Happiness is a choice of your Life?

Let find out a basic understanding about Happiness first, then can move into deep down on the topic.

What is Happiness?:

Let’s look at what Wikipedia says. Happiness, in the context of mental or emotional states, is positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Other form includes life satisfaction, wellbeing, subjective wellbeing, flourishing and eudaimonia.

Since the 1960s, happiness research has been conducted in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, including gerontology, social psychology and positive psychology, clinical and medical research and happiness economics.

Let’s further investigate a few more from the Dictionaries, what they say about Happiness?

According to Dictionary. Happiness expresses as the quality or state of being happy. Goo fortune; pleasure; contentment ; joy.

What Merriam-Webster says about the definition of Happiness? A state of well-being and contentment : joy, a pleasurable or satisfying experience.

Based on above definitions, Happiness is the state of Mind that can be experienced through feelings of joy or pleasure.

Let’s move to find out Why Happiness is a choice in your Life?

Happiness lies within the Mind that to find out is your choice in Life:

How you understand that you are happy, or how do you feel your happiness? Does happiness arise out of yourself? If not wrong, answers from you as well from all others that, I, myself understand happiness or feel happy. If you understand that you feel happiness or understand happiness, in fact, answer of happiness related all questions are within you. Is it not logical at all?

Whatever you experience moment to moment through sensory organs or thought mental level, everything goes in the Mind & process there and appears either in a form or a shape or an understanding in the Mind for your understanding. The Mind or the Brain 9whatever say), is in the central nervous system for human being where everything starts to explore your moment to moment experience. Isn’t it?

Thoughts, feelings, emotions, anxiety, etc., all are being experience by you in your Mind. In fact, what not? Everything you are experiencing though your Mind. In such case, your happenings also feeling through the Mind. That means, happening arise in the Mind which you experience as a pleasant or joyful feelings. In such case, happiness expresses as feelings of your Mind.

As happiness arise or explore in the Mind and that happiness you are feeling as pleasant feelings, that is also arising in the Mind. This is a very common logic that all these are arising in the Mind & you are experiencing happiness also through your Mind. It means that happiness arise in the Mind, and also experience by the Mind. Right?

As Happiness arise in the Mind and also fees by the Mind, hence, it is your own choice to make yourself happy in Life.

You are responsible for your own Happiness to choice in Life:

In fact, no one is responsible for your Happiness. This words might look so hard to absorb. In reality, this true that your happiness absolutely depends on you, and you are totally responsible for your happiness in Life. No one can make you happy unless you try to make yourself happy and enjoy your own happiness. Here is the logic behind this.

Happiness arise in the Mind. Who feels happy in such case. This is the person who is feeling happy or being in happiness whose Mind creates happiness or happiness arise in whose Mind. In such case, his or her Mind is responsible to create or bring happiness. That means, he or she has to create or bring his or her happiness in the Mind.

Who is responsible for Happiness? Who is responsible to create Happiness?

The beneficiary of the Happiness is totally response for Happiness as such happiness creates or arise by his or her Mind and he or she is the persona are also experiencing such happiness. Is this not an acceptable logic for creation of happiness by self?

As you are searching for happiness or trying to be happy, you are the beneficiary of happiness. Being a beneficiary, t is your responsibility to create your own happiness that always arise or create in the Mind. So, you are totally responsible for your own happiness. No one else is responsible to create your happiness, and it is really impossible even illusory observation or thinking acts like that other people can make you happy or can bring you happiness. In reality, happiness arise or create by your own Mind & you are totally self-responsible to live in such state of the Mind that can be always in happiness.

Hence, you are totally responsible for your own happiness as being the creator of happiness and also the beneficiary of happiness too. In such case, Happiness is your choice in life, whether you want to be happy or not to be happy.

Searching for Happiness at outside rather than inside where treasure of Happiness remains:

If you mindfully observe or try to understand where happiness starts first, where it lies and what is the true or real nature of happiness, etc. if not wrong, you will try to find all answers from your Mind. If all the answers related to happiness lies in the Mind or comes from the Mind, that means happiness is also there as being the source of happiness. Why not try a few times & see what comes from your Mind?

Are you searching for happiness inside of you or outside you? Bit, it is reality that almost everyone searches happiness outside within materialistic thing like money, name, fame, wealth, business, etc. In fact, no harm at all to have them, as they are essentially needed in human life. Obviously, all these are needed for survival. But, they can give comfort and charm for survival. They can not bring happiness in life as they are not the certain factors for happiness. They might be associated factors for survival. If they are the only & certain factors, why so many wealthy or reach peoples are unhappy in life? Why a simple person who has almost no wealthy possession in life are so happy? How come such person smile like a flower?

Money, wealth, expensive materialistic stuffs, etc., all are needed for comfortable & secure survival. But, they can’t bring happiness inside you. In fact, true or real happiness those you are seeking is lying inside in your Mind where you are not searching rather you are searching outside to have such happiness. Unfortunately, your analytical Mind always search for happiness outside rather than inside where the real treasure of happiness are lying like the diamond who is under the coal. Once dig out the coal, diamond flashes the lights under sun.

Searching for happiness is absolutely your own choice in life. In such case, your choice is outside and running behind the mirage. Yet, happiness is out of hand. Once you change your choice to inside, you can try to find out your happiness & how to cultivate happiness that can starts to understand by yourself. This is reality. Hence, happiness is choice in your life whether to go inside or outside.

The Key of Happiness is in your hand to choice for your Life:

Happiness is the state of the Mind. If your Mind is in that state, that means your happiness always there for your life. In fact, the key of happiness is in your hand already. No lock is without a key in the world. Either you are not trying to find out your key or not trying to use that key to unlock the door of happiness. In fact, it is your own choice to unlock the door of happiness by using the key which you are holding, and you are not aware and conscious of such key to use for unlocking the hidden door of happiness.

In fact, this is your own choice whether to open the door of unbound happiness that remains within you. Choice it absolutely depends on you whether you are going to unlock the door of happiness or not for your life to be a vibrant flow of happiness.

You can only bring your happiness, no one else in your Life:

No matter how many why you try or how many ways you try to let other people make you happy or bring happiness for you, it is nothing but a daydream. As happiness start to flourish in the Mind & also disappear in the Mind too, no one can bring such happiness in your Mind. Everyone can do so many things for you in so many ways, but, they can’t do anything at all in your Mind to make happiness or bring happiness there. This is the hard reality of happiness which analytical Mind never like to accept. Yet, no way to avoid or ignore such reality as happiness starts in the Mind naturally as being a natural creation of the Mind.

Hence, in reality, happiness is your own choice in life.


Dimond always be available under the coal mine. Unless such cold remove & pick up the diamond in sunshine, it never sparks. Happiness is similar as the diamond which is always remaining in your Mind. You need to be the such state of the Mind to enjoy the vibrant happiness in your Life. No one can else make it happen for you, rather than you, and only you have to unlock the door of such hidden happiness which is already remaining within your Mind.

Analytical Mind always look for such precious happiness outside the Mind rather not looking at all the inside treasure of happiness which is lying within itself. In fact, it is you and only need you to search for your own happiness, which is already remaining there in your Mind. No one can bring happiness for you or no one can unlock the closed door of your Mind as the key of the locked door lies in your Mind itself together with the lock.

Hence, happiness is your own choice for your own life so that you have the fruit of vibrant happiness moment to moment. Why not unlock the door by yourself & be happy by making your own choice for such vibrant happiness in your life?

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